Framework Themes

Semington Parish Council’s Framework Themes

Planning & Development

We will seek to influence planning decisions to maintain the character of the village.  We do not want to stop all development, but rather ensure that it is proportionate and compatible with our vision and goals and specifically that change happens at a pace that allows the community to adapt.  We shall achieve this through …

    • Scrutinising routine planning applications and commenting to Wiltshire Council
    • Informing parishioners of significant new proposals; consulting, capturing views and commenting as appropriate
    • Encouraging villagers to respond to significant planning proposals
    • Responding to statutory consultations
    • Conducting village-wide surveys on needs and development priorities
    • Representing the village at Wiltshire Council planning committees, community area boards and public inquiries, and liaising with other parish councils
    • Monitoring proposed legislative changes and submitting views

    Parish Council Theme Lead: Cllr. Scott

    Theme Team members:

Transport & Traffic

We will encourage the management of roads and other transport networks in a way that maintains the actively rural character of the village.  We shall achieve this through …

  • Seeking to reduce the A-road feel of the high street and adjoining roads within the village. Liaising with the Highways Authority and the police (as appropriate) on village traffic issues: speeding, parking, road safety, street furniture, bus gate, speed limits and other traffic management issues including the promotion of road safety improvements.
  • Promoting transport links that benefit the village: bus services, cycle routes, bridleways, footpaths
  • Identifying changes wanted, and finding ways and means for these to happen
  • Representing the village at Community Area Highways meetings
  • Consulting with villagers about possible transport developments and supporting appropriate actions that align with our vision and goals

Parish Council Theme Lead: Cllr. Wade

Theme Team members: Cllr. Bruges

Environment & Streetscene

We will actively nurture and enhance the rural character of the village within its wider rural landscape.  We shall achieve this through …

  • Encouraging and helping community efforts to keep the built areas clean and attractive by supporting volunteer groups to: pick litter; control weed growth on pavements and in gutters; prepare, plant and maintain displays in village planters; clean and repaint village assets such as telephone kiosk, litter bins, railings at the canal bridge
  • Monitoring, maintaining and encouraging the use of rights of way (public footpaths, canal towpath and bridges, bridleways and by-ways) and ensuring they remain open and safe for all users
  • Encouraging and helping community efforts to improve and maintain the green environment and natural rural feel of the village by: nurturing, improving and increasing wooded areas (such as Jubilee Wood and the Memorial Oaks); encouraging and maintaining wildlife areas within the built up areas of the village
  • Supporting landowners in the maintenance of the rural landscape around the village
  • Liaising with home and landowners regarding maintenance of rights of way and of the wider village environment, encouraging them to consider providing permissive rights of access such as those at Giles Wood. Liaising with the Parish Steward, Wiltshire Council, neighbouring parish councils and other organisations (e.g. Ramblers Association) to provide knowhow and support to village groups

Parish Council Theme Lead: Cllr. Bruges

Theme Team members: Cllr. Smith, Cllr. Scott and Cllr. Hailey

Community & Communication

We will ensure that members of the community have input to this framework and the themes.  We will also ensure that residents know who the Parish Councillors are and can contact them to seek their support and involvement.  We shall achieve this through …

  • Encouraging and supporting the work of village groups, clubs and societies financially and in other ways
  • Working in support of the Semington, Little Marsh and Littleton Support Group to help meet the needs of parishioners throughout the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Communicating with parishioners through all Semington media: magazine, newsletter, village website, and our Support Group’s closed Facebook page
  • Helping promoters of new community initiatives (e.g. village shop) access advice from Wiltshire Council and Community Area experts
  • Communicating with local businesses to encourage their engagement with the village and to help them to thrive in the village
  • Supporting village social events such as fetes and street parties
  • Encouraging members of the village to actively participate in village life. In particular seeking wider support for the activities listed under each of these Themes.
  • Maintaining relationships with neighbouring parish councils, villages and towns.

Parish Council Theme Lead: Cllr. Chown

Theme Team members:  Cllr. McGarvey

Recreation & Wellbeing

We will encourage the village community to be active, enhancing the formal recreational facilities around the village, as well as the wider rural landscape.  We shall achieve this through …

  • Encouraging and supporting community groups to develop and maintain parish recreational facilities: St. George’s Tennis Court; the Wessex Close Play Area (decision on adoption pending)
  • Working with other organisations to promote village use of recreational space: Recreation Ground and football pitch in Little Marsh; St. George’s Allotments (once established)
  • Supporting efforts to improve public safety within the parish: Neighbourhood Watch; liaising with police to tackle anti-social behaviour
  • Encouraging visitors to come to Semington to enjoy its facilities and landscape, walk their dogs, ride their horses and bikes, as well as visiting the pub and other businesses and participating in Semington’s organisations to help them thrive

Parish Council Theme Lead: Cllr. Hailey

Theme Team members: Cllr. McGarvey